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Farms are busy places and the Thinking Friends® barnyard is always filled with lots of activity. Snakey, Doggie, Kitty, Chicky, Cowsie, Pony, Donkey and Rooster keep Farmer Framer busy all the time solving problems, thinking up new ideas, and learning from each other. We hope you are a regular visitor to the barnyard so you can join in the fun and become a Thinking Friend®, too.

Here in the barnyard, you’ll find fun activities to do, videos to watch, and photos of other children learning alongside the Thinking Friends®. You will also discover ways to connect with thinking friends from all over the world! Let’s get busy…

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to spare!
Have you ever thought about all things we use water to help us do? For example, we use water to wash our hands or to jump into and splash when there are rain puddles on the ground! Suppose you and Doggie Definer were having a conversation and were trying to think of all the other ways we use water. What would the two of you come up with? Draw pictures of these to show all the ways we use water.

Now imagine Cowsie Cows N. Effect comes along and looks at your pictures. You know what she's wondering, don’t you? That’s right. She’s thinking, “What would happen if we didn’t use water thoughtfully but wasted it instead?” You can help Cowsie think about this by first imagining all the different ways people carelessly waste water, like taking very long showers, for example. Next, you can help Cowsie by thinking about all the things that would happen if we wasted water and didn’t have enough water for the things we need. Imagine if we didn’t have enough water to wash our dishes properly, for example. That would make eating yucky and very unhealthy.

All this time, Doggy Definer is listening and now he’s starting to wonder, “What does it mean to be a water-saver? You can help Doggy answer this question by thinking of all the things a person could do that would make them a “water-saver” and not a water-waster. Use this sentence to help you get started—“A water-saver is someone who…” Share your ideas with your family and friends so everyone can become a water-saver.

You can become part of the Thinking Friends® barnyard by sharing your ideas, comments and questions about this and other activities. We’d love to hear your ideas about being a water-saver so we can all learn how to make the world a better place for everyone.

Look and Learn
Check here for links to videos that show different ways children all over the world have used Thinking Friends® at school, at home and in everyday life outside of school. Use the links below to post your comments, ask questions, and share your ideas.

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