Designs for Thinking represents Thinking Schools International (TSI) in the United States of America. TSI is for teachers, whole schools, educational bodies and countries who want to develop 21st Century learning and thinking environments using thinking skills with proven impact across the globe. Adopting different pathways for thinking, this is a unique, sustainable, whole school approach to learning with student centered thinking at its heart.

Corwin Press • April 2014

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Forward - Dr. Yvette Jackson

We are at a seminal point in the evolution of a global community. In a global community, countries recognize reciprocal interests and the need and benefit of interdependence. This new paradigm of a global community calls for Thinking Schools internationally, schools where students will be equipped to think dialectically, reflecting on the ramifications and possibilities of interdependence; schools where students will be cultivated to transform themselves to be self-actualized and make contributions to transform the world so this millennium is the one in which we achieve the global success of cooperation, high productivity globally, and innovation of efficient and effective use of our most promising and productive resource: our mind and the thinking it generates.

Yvette Jackson, Ed.D. is internationally recognized for her work in assessing the learning potential of disenfranchised urban students.
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Visual Tools for Transforming
Information Into Knowledge
David Hyerle, Author
Arthur L. Costa, Prologue
Robert J. Marzano, Foreward
Corwin Press, 2009, Second Edition
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David Hyerle on Assessment with Visual Tools

Thinking Foundation
The mission of the non-profit Thinking Foundation is to support high quality research on cognitive skills development,creativity, and critical reflection—at pre-school, K-12 and college levels in order to transform learning, literacy, teaching and leadership around the world for those with the greatest need.

Developing Connective
Leadership Successes
With Thinking Maps®

Larry Alper, David Hyerle,
Kimberly Williams, Authors
Solution Tree Press, 2012

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Larry Alper on Leadership

Student Successes With
Thinking Maps®

David Hyerle and Larry Alper coeditors
Corwin Press, Second Edition, January 2011

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David Hyerle shares insights on 'Going Beyond the Graphic Organizer: Preparing Students for the 21st Century (Corwin Press video)

Larry Alper on Coaching

Desert News National
January 13, 2015
From Mississippi to Malaysia, a mold-breaking model is helping kids learn to think... read the whole article:

• online at Desert News

Catalyst for Transformational Change

School Improvement Network
David Hyerle speaking at 2014 School Improvement
Innovation Summit about thinking.

The pathways to Thinking Schools — a process of transformational design change — crystallize with these key points:

  1. The dramatically changing world requires changing the educational paradigm toward a focus on applied thinking, problem-solving and collaborative decision making by students in classrooms, not after they leave schools.
  2. New technologies and access to information has had many benefits, but also has a downside by overwhelming students and teachers without offering them the requisite tools for dealing with the overload.
  3. Teaching for, of and about thinking--and teaching for content--are not antithetical, but are deeply complementary when unified in classroom practice —  across all subjects, grades and disciplines.
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above: the Growing Thinking Schools Inside Out handbook and three pathways for implementation across whole schools — Contact David Hyerle for more information on Thinking Schools.

Documentary Films

Minds of Mississippi • Documentary Film (2013 • 30 min) Pass Christian School District • Mississippi, USA
Over the past five years, "The Pass" has been the top performing school district in Mississippi. The Pass Christian School District Story is one of gain in the midst of loss. Watch the trailer above and read the story of overcoming a seemingly insurmountable task.
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English Language Learners
New Rochelle, NY, USA
Read Dr. Estee Lopez's dissertation (link below video) on the impact of Thinking Maps on teaching and learning in New Rochelle schools and watch the trailer for the film on New Rochelle schools below. New Rochelle Schools Cognitive Bridge to Literacy New Rochelle, NY, USA
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Visual Tools for Literacy
Learn more about the Visual Tools for Literacy program including the online course introduced in the video below. Part of the Visual Tools for Thinking program, it has extensive resources including 5 hours of presentation time exclusively by David Hyerle chunked into meaningful 2 to 5 minute segments. The course includes PDF slides, key concept reminders, a complete transcript, and 7 assessments and certificates of completion for those wanting college credits.

David Hyerle on Visual Tools (Educational Impact)




Global Collaborations

Ethiopia: Whole Systems Change
Beginning as a grass roots effort there is now an agreement between TSE and the Addis Ababa Education Bureau (AAEB) of 300+ government schools to implement TSE. TSE is also now collaborating with the Southern Nations State, beginning with the recent training of their experts. The Ethiopia Thinking Schools project is a collaboration of Thinking Schools International and Eminence Social Entrepreneurs (Ethiopia). Thinking Foundation has provided initial support in piloting a Thinking Schools approach in Ethiopian public (government) schools, private schools, and NGOs.
contact Robert Price for more information on the Thinking Schools Ethiopia project

Above: Addis Ababa Government School (public) using Thinking Schools methods

• Thinking Schools Ethiopia blog
• download excerpts from chapter in recently published Thinking Schools book on Corwin Press

Equality in Education
The Thinking Schools Ethiopia (TSE) approach is a whole school systems approach that building capacity inside out developing a foundation that is reflective, sustainable, collaborative and replicable. TSE is part of a greater global collaboration that supports multi-directional development. Multi-directional development is a belief system and model where all participants recognize their own capacity for aiding the others globally: ideas and innovation originate within and across ALL places globally. The Thinking Schools Ethiopia training uses research based thinking methods that are life long skills for use with problem solving in school, life and work.

Above: video from recent training with the SNNPRS (Southern Nations State) Education Experts Training - Yirgalem, SNNPRS, Ethiopia - 1 March 2014

Below: video from training with 40+ government school principals in collaboration with Initiative Africa - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2013