Elizabeth Dellamora


Elizabeth (“Lisa”) Dellamora, spent the last 18 years working as an educational consultant supporting teachers, principals,and other district leaders across the country. Her work has spanned the country from New York to Alaska to Florida to California- and almost every state in between.

Previous to her full-time work as a consultant, Elizabeth worked as a primary teacher and reading specialist, while consulting part time. She has successfully worked with students from pre-kindergarten through high school, as well as undergraduate and graduate students. Elizabeth’s expertise is in primary and intermediate literacy, learning theory, classroom management, and curriculum development. Her Thinking Maps certifications qualify her to lead all levels of Thinking Maps professional development from the Day 1 implementation training to leadership training to Training of Trainers courses for prospective trainers. She is also certified as a trainer in the Write from the Beginning and Beyond courses.

Elizabeth’s consulting work ranges from brief, single sessions to long-term support that develops over of the course of several years. Elizabeth has published one book on phonics, two books on classroom management, and her dissertation that focuses on the impact of No Child Left Behind on the teaching and learning of urban students.

All of Elizabeth’s work is completely custom-designed to meet the needs of the client. The most productive professional development opportunities Elizabeth can provide incorporate a balance of formal learning sessions and hands on time with students in the form of demonstration lessons by the Elizabeth. Elizabeth is currently living in New York City.

In addition to her consulting work, Elizabeth serves as the Director of Consulting for Designs for Thinking. Her responsibilities include scheduling and supporting the work of consultants and site-based trainers engaged in Thinking Maps implementations in the Northeast.

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