The Designs for Thinking consulting group brings a wide range of experiences and unique talents to the implementation of Thinking Maps® and Software in whole school communities, transformational design with Thinking Schools International, and learning about visual thinking in depth through the Visual Tools for Thinking Program. Watch the video clips on the website as well as explore the different menu areas to learn more about Designs for Thinking. Please contact us directly to explore potential collaborations.

Larry Alper, M.S. is Co-Director for Designs for Thinking, leading implementations of Thinking Maps in whole schools while also supporting schools and school systems in developing long term plans for implementing these tools. In the last fours years of an 18 year career as an elementary school principal in Brattleboro, Vermont Larry facilitated the successful implementation of Thinking Maps and Software and Write From the Beginning. He also investigated how he and his colleagues could use Thinking Maps as collaborative tools for building leadership capacity. This process led him to co-author the new guide and training, Thinking Maps: Leading with a New Language.
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Dr. David Hyerle is Co-Director of Designs for Thinking, developer of the Thinking Maps model, and an international leader in the areas of thinking and learning. Thinking Maps have raised the quality of teaching, students’ thinking, and test scores in the areas of reading, writing, and math in over 3000 schools. He is a frrequent keynote speaker, author of two Corwin Press books focused on visual tools: Visual Tools for Constructing Knowledge and Student Successes with Thinking Maps. He is also the developer of an online course: Visual Tools for Literacy. David is also co-author with Larry Alper of the new leadership guide and training … Thinking Maps: Leading with a New Language.
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Elizabeth (“Lisa”) Dellamora, Ph. D.serves as the Director of Consulting for Designs for Thinking.  Her responsibilities include scheduling and supporting the work of consultants and site-based trainers engaged in Thinking Maps implementations in the Northeast. Elizabeth spent the last 18 years working as an educational consultant supporting teachers, principals, and other district leaders across the country. Her work has spanned the country from New York to Alaska to Florida to California- and almost every state in between.  Elizabeth is currently living in New York City.
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Robert Price is an Organizational Consultant with Designs for Thinking. He is a professional consultant who coaches people and organizations to improve communications, management, and planning. In education he collaborates on coaching, literacy, visual arts, video, and technology. In all projects he brings experience, organization, and energy. A current project in Ethiopia embodies his passion and systems approach.
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estee-lopezDr. Estee Lopez is nationally and internationally recognized for her work in empowering educators of diverse learners engage in developing higher cognitive, language and academic performance by reframing our beliefs and practices about how linguistically diverse students learn. She is also the CEO of the Lopez Consulting Group, where she engages school districts in processes for reform. She is a national consultant in the field of Thinking Maps and Language Development.
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andy-matthewsAndrea “Andy” Matthews, Ed.D. is a retired educator from Georgia. Her 26 year career in GA included extensive experience in both general and special education in grades K-12. Additionally, Andy has leadership experience at the building level as well as the district level.
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